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Welcome to the Ethics Bowl Symposium(EBS)!

Welcome to the Ethics Bowl Symposium(EBS)!

by Leo Huang -
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The 2021 Moral Philosophy Workshop will be held online from 1/31 to 2/3 via Zoom. This platform is designed to assist teams with their preparation for the Ethics Bowl competition during our workshop.


1. You MUST finishing reading the Ethics Bowl Rules and Format and the 2021 Ethical Case Set before tomorrow's seminar at 22:30. 

2. Recordings for the two sessions on Jan. 31 are now available (The introductory session with Director Leo Huang and the seminar with Dr. Matt Deaton). 

3. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND all participants for the Feb 7 Ethics Bowl to watch the Delaware Valley High School Ethics Bowl Finals and the Case Analysis Guide

You can find all of these below in the Available Courses section.