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Welcome to the Ethics Bowl Symposium(EBS)!

by Leo Huang -

The 2021 Moral Philosophy Workshop will be held online from 1/31 to 2/3 via Zoom. This platform is designed to assist teams with their preparation for the Ethics Bowl competition during our workshop.


1. You MUST finishing reading the Ethics Bowl Rules and Format and the 2021 Ethical Case Set before tomorrow's seminar at 22:30. 

2. Recordings for the two sessions on Jan. 31 are now available (The introductory session with Director Leo Huang and the seminar with Dr. Matt Deaton). 

3. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND all participants for the Feb 7 Ethics Bowl to watch the Delaware Valley High School Ethics Bowl Finals and the Case Analysis Guide

You can find all of these below in the Available Courses section.

Available courses

YOU MUST JOIN THIS SESSION. This is the prep session for today's (Feb. 2) seminar. We will assign groups, choose group leaders, and answer any questions regarding the rules.

The official documents include the Ethics Bowl Rules and Format (2021 Edition) and the Ethical Case Set (2021 Edition). Both are updated regularly. They are also available for download on our official website,

We highly recommend all participants for the Feb 7 Ethics Bowl to watch the Delaware Valley High School Ethics Bowl Finals and the Case Analysis Guide.

Ethics in a Nutshell: The Philosopher’s Approach to Morality in 100 Pages by Dr. Matt Deaton, the speaker of our first seminar.

This course draws on John Corvino’s “Better Argument” video series to lay out some common rhetorical and logical moves, mistakes, and things to watch out for when considering and crafting moral arguments.

In this course curated by the (US) National High School Ethics Bowl and rearranged by the Ethics Bowl China, you’ll learn about some crucial concepts and distinctions that are useful for thinking about ethical problems and arguments. These short, accessible videos provide some great conceptual tools for analyzing Ethics Bowl cases.

Moral Philosophy Workshop, Ethics Bowl China, Winter 2021

Day 2, Feb. 1

9 p.m. Live Seminar

Topic(s): Just war

Speaker: Yan Li

Yan Li was previously an IB philosophy teacher at Shanghai Pinghe School. He has been the coach and examiner in the International Philosophy Olympiad and his students have received silver medal and honorable mention in this competition since 2017.

Moral Philosophy Workshop, Ethics Bowl China, Winter 2021

Day 2, Feb. 1

22:30 p.m. Live Seminar

Topic(s): The Eichmann trial (in prosecution of Nazi war criminals after WWII). How to use real world examples to support or illustrate philosophical ideas, and how revisiting the accuracy and usefulness of real historical and political examples can help us explore philosophical positions, like H. Arendt’s The Banality of Evil which originally leaned heavily on this famous example. Criticism and discussion of that argument loom large in ethics to this day. It opens up many ideas that remain fresh and vital today, and helps explain why there was so much public and scholarly attention on the nature and use of this particular mid-20th C example, argument, and subsequent scholarship.

Speaker: Emily Muller                                 

Emily Muller is an Associate at the University of Manitoba’s Centre for Professional and Applied Ethics and has taught about philosophy, politics, ethics, and law at the university level for over ten years. She is also a member of the Manitoba Association of Playwrights and sit on the board of the literary journal, Prairie Fire. She is also involved in organizing the Canadian High School Ethics Bowl.

Moral Philosophy Workshop, Ethics Bowl China, Winter 2021

Day 1, Jan. 31

8:30 a.m. Introductory Session

Topic(s): The history and mission of the Ethics Bowl program. Ethics Bowl rules and procedures.

Speaker: Leo Huang 

Director, Ethics Bowl China

Moral Philosophy Workshop, Ethics Bowl China, Winter 2021

Day 1, Jan. 31

10 a.m. Live Seminar

Topic(s): Is ethics merely a problem of personal opinions or cultural traditions? Kantianism, utilitarianism, virtue ethics, etc. – which ethical theory (or theories) should I choose? Or should I follow any ethical theory? What role does intuition play in ethical reasoning? Can ethics be reduced to psychological propensity? What’s the distinction between morality and legality?

Speaker: Dr. Matt Deaton

Dr. Matt Deaton is a philosophy professor at the University of Texas, Tyler. He also served as the Director of Outreach for the US National High School Ethics Bowl. He is the author of several works, including Ethics in a Nutshell: The Philosopher's Approach to Morality in 100 Pages, a book widely circulated in Ethics Bowl communities across the world.

Moral Philosophy Workshop, Ethics Bowl China, Winter 2021

Day 3, Feb. 2

22:30 p.m. Live Seminar

Topic(s): How to analyze ethical cases and structure ethical arguments

Speaker: Raymond Sokalski & Nova Martin (Joint Seminar)

Raymond Sokalski recently retired from the Winnipeg School Division after 30 years of teaching Senior High Histoire canadienne in the Immersion française program. He counts his time spent preparing Case Studies for Ethics Bowl students among the most rewarding in his career. He is the coach of 2019 Canadian High School Ethics Bowl champion. He currently leads cycling tours of historic Winnipeg, highlighting First Nations' and immigrants' contributions to the Canadian mosaic.

Nova Martin served on his high school’s Ethics Bowl team at the 2019 Canadian High School Ethics Bowl championship, where he and his teammates brought home the title of champions. With curiosity and a passion for research, Nova has continued to be involved with the Ethics Bowl, helping to train the 2019 Manitoba High School Ethics Bowl teams, and aiding in the creation of cases for the Michigan High School 2021 Virtual Ethics Bowl. Nova is in his second years of studies at the Université de Saint-Boniface in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, studying history with plans to pursue a degree in Pédagogie.

Moral Philosophy Workshop, Ethics Bowl China, Winter 2021

Day 4, Feb. 3

9 p.m. Live Seminar

Topic(s): This seminar provides a concise introduction to moral relativism. We’ll first look into different kinds of relativism in philosophy and other disciplines (e.g., linguistic relativism, cultural relativism, motion relativism, and epistemic relativism), trying to grasp some essential features of a relativistic doctrine. Then, we will define moral relativism and consider the nominal distinction between descriptive moral relativism and normative moral relativism. Finally, we’ll dive into the scholarly debate about moral relativism and examine selected writings from its defenders and critics. 

Speaker: Matthew Wu

Matthew Wu is a senior at the University School of Nashville. He is a philosophy enthusiast and a prospective philosophy major at Williams College.  

Moral Philosophy Workshop, Ethics Bowl China, Winter 2021

Day 4, Feb. 3

10:30 p.m. Live Seminar

Topic(s): Philosophy of Law, the ethics of punishment, criminal justice system

Speaker: Ava Truthwaite                      

Ava Truthwaite is in the fourth year of the Ethics, Society and Law major program at the University of Toronto, with minors in philosophy and sociology.